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's president has told their military commanders be ready to respond to any north korean provocation. pack geun-hye has heard threat after threat from authorities in pyongyang. she's vowing to fight back without worrying about the political consequences. defense ministry officials briefed park on monday. she said she takes the recent string of north korean moves and threats very seriously. she acknowledged that the north koreans have scrapped a nonaggression treaty, cut off a military hotline and unilaterally announced they have entered a state of war with the south. >> translator: if any provocations happen against our people and our country, the military should respond powerfully early on without any political considerations. >> a navy commander briefed park by video link. he said north korean forces carried out a massive military drill last week near the border in the yellow sea. he added the north still had five vessels near the area. north korean authorities are pushing ahead with programs that governments around the world are trying to halt. state-run media are reporting delegates for the sup
neighbor. park geun-hye ordered her ministers and intelligence chief to be prepared to deter or respond to any provocation. park held her first security minister's meeting since she took power in february. she stressed national security is the cornerstone of her administration. the president went over possible counter measures against north korea. she said south korean forces will strike back strongly in the event of an attack. park also noted it is just as important to contain north korea with military deterrents and diplomacy. she said that will stop authorities in pyongyang from even thinking about challenging their neighbor. >>> a people tested by politics and history. innovators whose technology spread around the world. artists who capture the imaginations of audiences everywhere. these are the faces of south korea. nhk world updates you on what's happening across the peninsula, wednesday and thursday here on "newsline." >>> militants attacked a power plant in pakistan on tuesday. unrest continues in the country in the lead-up to the scheduled general elections. pat here's the stor
to improve their economy and better the lives of their people. >>> south korean president park geun-hye have criticized them for pulling their workers out. >> translator: if north korea is going to do things like stop operations at the kaesong complex and disregard international rules and agreements, then no country or company in the world will invest in them. >> park urged the leadership of the north to reopen the facility for the sake of the korean people. representatives of small and medium size south korean companies operating in kaesong met to discuss what to do. they want the government to send a business delegation to north korea to discuss the matter. they said all measures should be taken to return to normal operations. >>> workers at fukushima daiichi have found another leak in a pool storing contaminated water. it's the third pool at the nuclear plant with the same problem. engineers for tokyo electric power company found a leak last week in the number two pool. they began transferring water from there to pool number one and then they found that two was leaking. >> number one of -
president park geun-hye. she criticized north korea for pulling all of their workers out and suspending operations. she said no country or company would invest in the north if officials there continue to break international rules and promises. north korea say the suspension was person rare, but they blame park for bringing it to the bring of closure. this is the first time the north korean officials have criticized park by name since she took power. through the presidential office, she acknowledged that people are worried about the situation, but she said south korean leaders were handling the situation with a strong military deterrence and that citizens were calm. >> translator: i say with confidence that the south will remain a safe and stable place to make investments and do business. >> south korea's stock fell to the lowest level on tuesday partly because of the tension on the peninsula. they want to keep tourists coming, and they say the country is save. u.s. defense officials have suggested a budget for of than half a trillion dollars. they'll fund high priority programs includin
. >> kerry also met with south korean president park geun-hye. media reports say kerry urged park to respond with caution even if attacked to keep the situation from escalating further. kerry will not -- will travel next to china. he's scheduled to meet with president xi jinping and state counselor. he's expected to call on the chinese leaders to press the north koreans to stop their hostile behavior. kerry will stop in japan to brief government officials before returning to washington. >>> a pentagon spy group has determined that the stakes may be rising on the korean peninsula. members of the defense intelligence agency concluded that north korea likely has the ability to launch nuclear armed missiles. a republican representative from colorado revealed the finding during a hearing in congress. >> dia assesses with moderate confidence the north currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles, however, the reliability will be low. >> intelligence analysts say a missile test may be imminent. but spokespersons for the defense department said it would be inaccurate to su
claims there were widespread irregularities. >> the south korean president, park geun-hye, has called for a stronger international response to north korea's threats of nuclear attack. she said it was necessary to break what she called a vicious cycle of north korean threats he and rewarded with negotiations and aid -- threats being rewarded with negotiations and aid which were then followed by more threats. >> parliament in new england has voted to allow same-sex marriage. lawmakers amended the country's law to define bacher money as a union between two people regardless -- define matrimony as a union between two people regardless of sex. >> the number of new cars registered last month was down a full 10%. industry heavyweights are among those feeling the bench -- pinch. the german market posted the biggest monthly drop in the eu. only britain was able to buck the trend, reporting an increase of 6%. >> more than 4000 people work at this car factory. more than 2 million people are employed building cars across europe. the problem is that fewer people want to buy them. not even eye-popp
, 81, hyes, tomorrow, looks incredible. a lot of sunshine for the interior valleys and back to the east bay and south bay starting off clear. temperatures in the upper 50s. the biggest change is the coast line. we are looking at cloud cover lingering and then building as we go through the afternoon. let's look the sky camera network. not much has made it across the bay. we have generally clear conditions, even in downtown san francisco, back towards the bridge. we have areas of patchy fog. as you get near the immediate coast line, that is where we will find the fog contained. the big widespread area of cloud cover that we will expect, it's not going to get here until we are in wednesday morning. marine and napa counties. and then as we go through wednesday. we will see cloud cover increasing and at this point, it looks like the cloudiest time. if you are just tune engiing in one more day of awesome weather and then it's down hill. >> 54 in napa. and upper 50s in the south bay, including san jose and then a bit cooler for gilroy, 50 degrees. cooler air from the coast line. slightly coole
on these matte it will help improve diplomatic relations. >>> south korean president park geun-hye has urged japanese officials to exercise caution and prudence in dealing with the past. she made the remarks at a lunch with senior members of the south korean media. she said her government is committed to promoting cooperation with japan but she said japan's tilting to the right will hurt its relations with other asian countries. the south korean leader said this will bring no benefits to japan. >>> a senior u.s. offial h urged japan and china to act calmly and constructively concerning their dispute over the senkaku islands in the east china sea. u.s. deputy secretary of state william burns is visiting japan and spoke exclusively to nhk in tokyo. the islands are controlled by japan but claimed by china and taiwan. burns stressed both sides should discuss the matter calmly to avoid inflaming tensions. burns says the u.s. does not take a position on the sovereigntissue but acknowledged that the isnds are adnistered bjapa >> we call upon all parties to deal with this issue in an exclusively pea
of president park geun-hye's goal of building trust. >> translator: in principle, we should give humanitarian aid regardless of the political and military situation. >> he said the door to dialogue is always open. >>> the philippines is hosting a large-scale joint military drill with the u.s. that started friday. it has been an annually scheduled event for decades. the two nations seem to have new focus in recent years as china's military presence grows. the united states is promoting new policies focusing on the asia-pacific region. we report from manila with the details. charmaine deogracias has more. >> reporter: day one of the joint drill started on the island. a total of 8,000 troops are taking part. in addition to military exercises, japan was trailing singapore and three other asia-pacific nations in a maritime simulation. the philippines and china are locked in a territorial dispute over islands in the south china sea. philippine foreign affairs secretary implicitly criticized china for far-reaching territorial claims without specifically naming the country. >> this comes at a crucial
, south korea's new president, park geun-hye, the first female president here instructing the military to respond strongly if north korea attacks. the rumblings of war, a test of the 61-year-old president only a month into her presidency. her father, the president of south korea in the 1970s, and her mother, were both assassinated. her mother's killer traced back to a north korean sympathizer. now park geun-hye, who studied to be an electrical engineer, must decide how to respond if the leader to her north, half her age, decides to strike just like his father did three years ago. launching a torpedo at the south korean navy ship. the torpedo which hit late in the night literally cut the ship in half. 46 sailors were killed, 58 survives. south korea had no military response. touring the ship today, south koreans hope next time their response will be different. >> translator: i believe that we should take all the measures that we can to block off the provocation said this woman. we should not back down, said this man. >> reporter: the newspapers here in seoul call the young leader to the
the border, he's facing another untested leader, newly elected park geun-hye, south korea's first female president. her past is tragic, her mother killed by a north korean sympathizer. her father, who was also once president, murdered by his own intelligence chief. the question, how will she act if north korea's leader pushes her to the brink? bob woodruff, abc news, seoul. >> a lot of pressure on those leaders. >>> from one woman new to power to another who delighted in using it and dominated the world stage. the iron lady. three-time british prime minister margaret thatcher died this morning at the age of 87. "nightline" anchor terry moran has more tonight on her ground-breaking life, the country she transformed and an outpouring of respect from across the globe. >> reporter: margaret thatcher was a woman who relished political combat. >> i'm enjoying this. >> reporter: and for nearly 20 years, she vanquished just about everyone who took her on. >> no, no, no! >> reporter: she towered over her time, a grocer's daughter who busted open the old boys' club of british politics, remade her
. for them, talks for the sake of talks are a waste of time. south korean president park guen hye has warned as much. but what would take the place of the 6-party formula.and who can convince north korea to change course? jim clancy cnn seoul >> it was a beautiful dave for the cherry festival in san francisco. the beautiful-day. with no fog expected in the forecast through thursday. great today for the beaches. with clear skies and sunshine to start. all the way through the day and temperatures will be about the same for tomorrow as what we have for tonight. approaching nine degrees. the futurecast, 7:00 a.m., cool in some places. and also some 40's in the livermore valley. otherwise, through the days sunshine and things will warm up quickly. already, places into the 80s. the north bay, the south bay. towards 3:00 p.m., notice some areas of even places nearly nine degrees! how much longer we can expect this, nearly 90 degrees --. >> good news for those filling up the gas tank tonight before the work week. gas prices dropped almost ten cents! as we take a look at local gas prices around the b
$200,750 is posted on line. >> we decided we would have price honesty.:hye that in heal >> because there are a lot of people that benefit from dishonesty in pricing. we put our prices on line with the hope that we would attract more patients and more business, but also hoping to start a price war, real the inflationary price for that could bring prices to a level that people would reevaluate their need f insurance altogether and certainly revaluate the role of government and healthcare. john: and the price differences are enormous. let's play another clip from that a recent video. >> the surgeon was dr. jason the loss of as the procedure of the surgery center of oklahoma with the total price by thousand $8,805. the bill comes to more than $33,000. dr. jason regularly performs procedures a about the surgery center and baptist medical center which is the epitome of a tradition hospital. the surgery center is so much more efficient that it can perform twice as many surgery's in a single day. >> we have precious to do that because the amount that we get reimbursed for the same cases in
geun-hye, issued a statement saying her nation is ready for provocations from the north including missile tests. we are thoroughly preparing for this leaving all possibilities open. for now, the best guess is that pyongyang would launch a test missile sometime within the week to honor the 101st birthday of kim il-sung. the nation's founder and grandfather of the leader. here in the south both general thurman and the south korean general are canceling travel plans. the situation on the peninsula too uncertain to leave. to de-escalate the situation, a russian news agency is reporting that north korea's dictator is demanding a personal call from president obama. we are days away from the ominous date set by north korea, set that all foreigners be made out of the country. none of the embassies have made plans to evacuate personnel. they will be watching and waiting and indonesia is starting to evaluate options. >>> secretary of state john kerry in israel trying to jump-start long stalled peace agreement talks. he met with palestinian leaders in the west bank. this morning he'll sit do
ranged in on seoul. so, you're quite right. but what president park geun-hye is saying, i think she is simply reiterating that position, and that position has held for some time and the north koreans have not engaged in that kind of provocation since the south korean government laid down this red line. so, the question, again, is in the next couple of weeks, are the north koreans going to slow this down or are they going to continue to go right up to the line here with a lot of nerves being frayed. certainly, the south koreans are just sick of this exercise -- sick of this approach by the north koreans. and so i think there is a real danger of serious retaliation and with the key question being, what would the north koreans do in retaliation of the retaliation. >> one final question to you, this april 15th, the anniversary of the birth of the founder, the leader of north korea, a lot of people are anticipating something dramatic could happen between now and then. this new young leader, the grandson, in effect, to go ahead and prove his credentials. are you fearful of that? >> the un
in seoul for meetings with south korea's new president park geun- hye and her top aides. and, he again warned north korea's young leader kim jong-un against any new missile launch. >> it is a huge mistake for him to choose to do that because it will further isolate his country >> brown: the north has recently moved as many as five medium- range missiles to its east coast-- missiles that can reach as far away as guam. a possible launch was made more worrisome by parts of a pentagon report that became public yesterday. at a house hearing, colorado republican doug lamborn questioned joint chiefs chairman martin dempsey and read out findings by the d.i.a., the u.s. defense intelligence agency. >> d.i.a. assesses with moderate confidence that north korea currently has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles, however the reliability will be low. >> and your question is do i agree with the d.i.a.'s assessment? >> yes. >> well, i haven't seen it and you said it's not publicly released, so i choose not to comment on it. >> brown: a pentagon statement later played down that ass
think the political circumstances, particularly in south korea, are such that the daughter of park geun-hye will respond and i think she will respond with a military option. >> with the united states? >> i don't know that. now you are asking me, i'm out of government. i'm not taking part in the meetings or in the situation room like victor and i used to do. but if i were, my counsel at this point would be to cooperate with the south koreans to at least meter their response so that it isn't excessive. but it does get the point across. candy, i know it is dangerous and puts us in to a place where their reaction then is somewhat unpredictable but i return to my original point. we have taught them they can provoke without danger, without response and now we see the results of that. >> dr. cha, talk to me about china and what we know. from what i have read, they have had little effect on north korea's behavior. they asked them not do a missile test and we do not know the new president in china actually even knows the north korean president. how much affect can they have? >> the idea of china pla
missing family members in the north. south korea's new president park geun-hye made a promise during her campaign that she would try and organize another reunion. but with escalating tensions on the peninsula and relations between the two countries at an all-time low, that now looks highly unlikely. which is heartbreaking for mr. chon. just a few months ago, the grandfather of two received a phone call from the red cross telling him that his surviving family in north korea were looking for him. >> translator: i was overjoyed to get that call, but now i don't know what is going to happen. the future doesn't look so bright anymore. his wife listens on, worried about her husband of more than 50 years. how many days do you think he has left? he just wants to see their faces. he just wants to see his family one more time. anna coren, cnn, seoul. >>> we're coming up on five minutes to the top of the hour, and we're just getting reports in of a large explosion near the french embassy in tripoli. news agencies say it was a car bomb attack and that two guards have been wounded. we'll bring you mo
chances. president park geun-hye instructed her military to respond strongly to any attack. the u.n. secretary-general says this standoff has gone too far and is urging negotiations. the white house said kim's threat sews far have not been backed up with any actions. but everyone is watching closely what the regime does next. diane, john. >> tahman, thank you. like so many things north korea does really a situation where they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. the economy is a wreck. basically no cash coming in. and this joint venture with south korea provides billions of dollars for their really desperate economy. >> this is what they decide to do. >> just remarkable. >> this isn't the first time they've have done this. in 2009, the north closed the border gates angry over u.s./south korea military drills leaving workers stranded at the industrial park. they let them resume work, a couple days later, you would think they don't realize what they're doing. a leader that made it clear he doesn't really care about his people. >> a clear escalation. money at stake. for th
as the political landscape. first of all, park geun-hye, the new south korean president, has vowed both publicly and then in private to respond forcefully and really exponentially the next time north korea does an attack. and why would this be different from all the previous korean president vows is, in my discussions with senior officials in her administration, they made very clear that they were very critical for not retaliating for the young -- attack in 2010, and they vowed that she would hit back. sort of more import wave and that even before her inauguration, her predecessor made a number of changes in the south korean military. that would have led him to respond more forcefully how do been another attack. if you remember back after the attack and he was criticized very strongly by the south korean public for not hitting back. there was an initial 80 rounds that went northbound from south korean military units but there was no follow-up response to the immediate come within the first 15 minutes. he replaced his defense minister with a much more forward leaning defense minister who remains
park geun-hye. kerry reiterated support for north korean engagement sunday but that has done little to quiet concerns here. >>> and the loser in venezuela's presidential race is demanding a recount. he lost a very close race to his contender, hand pecked for the job by the late dictator, hugo chavez. the count gave it to one contender. both sides claimed voter fraud in the hours after the polls closed. >> the latest on the bird flu crisis in china. the mysterious virus turned up in beijing over the weekend raising fears it could spread beyond china's borders. dr. richard besser now reports from china. >> reporter: china is on high alert. not because of the crisis in north korea but because the deadly new strain of bird flu is extending its reach. beginning in shanghai, the virus has been inching its way across the map. connecting the dots between eastern provinces to the capital beijing where a case was reported. the two latest cases, were in henan province. health officials are warning this outbreak is still far from contained. >> we still expect there will be other cases. awarenes
to the fact that it has a tough woman president, mrs. park geun-h geun-hye, they're calling for retaliation against any provocation. certainly a deadly attack, i believe, like the one we saw in 2010 would today trigger a robust response from the south and also very important to keep in mind the north koreans know that very well, alex. >> okay. nbc's jim maceda in soum, south kor korea. thank you, jim. >>> let's go to south africa where former president nelson mandela is at home now resting after being discharged from the hospital a little earlier today. mandela was being treated for a recurring lung infection and pneumon pneumonia. nbc's ron allen is there in south africa for us. ron, was this release expected? it seemed like he was getting all this treatment and then all of a sudden he's being released. >> reporter: well, we've been hearing encouraging words in the past few days from his wife and from doctors and others speculating that things were improving. so it's not a big surprise that he was released now, but, of course, everything is very unpre2kik9abunpr unpredictable in this envir
. that's going to punish some of the firms that are in there. but it's the president here park geun-hye had to say all this is going to do is convince a lot of firms, don't do business with north korea because you can find yourself in a very expensive predicament because of their politics. john? >> jim clancy in seoul, south korea, where the u.s. embassy, the british embassy warning you and other foreigners in seoul there is no imminent threat. thanks, jim. >>> and three minutes past the hour here. japan is taking some pretty dramatic steps in the wake of all this increasing talk of war. it has deployed patriot missiles in ichigaya and in asaka and narashino forming a protective ring around tokyo. we have that part of the story from tokyo. >> they were delivered in the dead of night, residents waking up this morning to see two patriot missile battery systems where normally there is a baseball pitch. but it's not the first time that they've seen this. every time since 2009 that north korea has announced it will launch a satellite the japanese self-defense forces have deployed this patrio
's facing another untested leader, newly elected park geun-hye, south korea's first female president. her past tragic, her mother killed by a north korean sympathizer. her father, once president, murdered by his own intelligence chief. the question is, how will she act if north korea's leader pushes her to the brink? bob woodruff, abc news, seoul. >>> secretary of state john kerry is on his third trip to jerusalem in the last two weeks. he is there to urge israeli and palestinian leaders toward a new and ambitious peace process. it involves reviving parts of a plan embraced by arab leaders a decade ago. his latest visit concludes today, but kerry says the work will take many months. >>> a new high-tech weapon will soon be on its way to the persian gulf. the navy says an invisible infrared laser mounted on a ship, like the one you see here, nailed its target 12 times in a row, setting a drone on fire. before it crashed into the water. the lasers will be launched next year, helping destroy iranian drones and disable speed boats. >>> justice has been a long time coming in the trial of terror
. but what president park geun-hye is saying, i think she is simply reiterating that position, and that position has held for some time and the north koreans have not engaged in that kind of provocation since the south korean government laid down this red line. so, the question, again, is in the next couple of weeks, are the north koreans going to slow this down or are they going to continue to go right up to the line here with a lot of nerves being frayed. certainly, the south koreans are just sick of this exercise -- sick of this approach by the north koreans. and so i think there is a real danger of serious retaliation and with the key question being, what would the north koreans do in retaliation of the retaliation. >> one final question to you, this april 15th, the anniversary of the birth of the founder, the leader of north korea, a lot of people are anticipating something dramatic could happen between now and then. this new young leader, the grandson, in effect, to go ahead and prove his kre den herbcrede. are you fearful of that? >> the united states and south korea ma
, and to come to the table, to start discussions. now, in his talks with president park geun-hye, it is believed that she has assured the president, i know she assured the nato secretary-general, that she was open to such talks to turn down the tell turl on the peninsula. so there's a take-away from all of this. the u.s. is sending out a message here. you know, one of the things, and he started it all off, he held up south korea saying it had become an economic and a humanitarian force in the international community around the world, drawing a contrast there to the state of pyongyang today. john? >> jim, quickly, do you think that was an off-rarn when he said the relations and information can improve quickly if that nameless leader changes his right rick? >> absolutely. what they're trying to do is take away, you know, control of the situation, and say, look, we've reached this point. we think that the rhetoric is wrong. we think your declarations of going ahead with the nuclear ministry is wrong. but we think the right thing for you to do, the right choice for you to make, is to sit down, and t
will not wait for china to act. the south's first female president is taking a tough stance. park geun-hye telling her commanders if the north carolina rhys out any attack, they are ordered -- commanders if the north carries out any attack they are ordered to respond immediately. >>brian: we have to find out where this is going. it costs us ao lot of money, sending a lot of people over there to do these exercises. i thought we were out of money for the defense department. >>gretchen: do you know it is national financial capability spending month? apparently it's the president's mission to make sure that everyone knows how to budget responsibly. >>brian: young people especially. >>gretchen: he wants to teach them how to -- let's see. help people make sound decisions in the marketplace like budget responsibly, saving for college, open a business or opening a retirement account. the only problem is when you juxtapose that against the average amount every household is paying for the national debt since he took office which is $53,377 per household, some people might scratch their heads about b
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)